Milk Bar’s 5 Most Insanely Tasty Holiday Treats, Ranked

Milk Bar’s 5 Most Insanely Tasty Holiday Treats, Ranked


Ever since the first Milk Bar bakery opened in an empty laundromat in 2008, their unique desserts have delighted thousands of sweets lovers. From the signature, three-layer “nude” birthday cake to the “cereal milk” soft-serve ice cream (which mimics the tasty dregs of a cereal bowl), Milk Bar has drawn in customers with their inspired re-creations of our favorite childhood treats. 

While foodies who live near one of Milk Bar’s 16 locations have likely tried one of these scrumptious desserts in person, many around the country are getting their first chance to try these cult favorites now that Milk Bar offers nationwide shipping

Everything Milk Bar makes is devastatingly delicious, but to help the sugar-lovers of America decide which treats they want to try, we ranked the five best Milk Bar holiday treats, each according to its holiday match. 

5. Pumpkin Milk Bar Pie

Holiday Inspiration: The Thanksgiving table

Flavor Profile: Tastes like the holidays. Pumpkin-forward, buttery as all get-out, and delicately spiced.

The Pumpkin Milk Bar Pie is no ordinary pumpkin pie. Milk Bar took all of the familiar flavors of a classic pumpkin pie, then injected them into the super-sweet, buttery, delicious vessel of their namesake Milk Bar Pie.

The result: a gooey, decadent, and perfectly spiced pumpkin pie—complete with a crumbly, not-too-sweet crust. This is the pumpkin pie that’ll convert any pumpkin pie hater, and it’s guaranteed to be the first to disappear from your holiday dessert table.

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4. Chocolate B’Day Truffle Box

Holiday Inspiration: Swanky New Year’s Eve party.

Flavor Profile: Like Munchkins, made of chocolate cake batter…yum.

While New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebratory holidays of the year, the excitement of it all can make choosing the right dessert difficult. Cake is too messy (good luck holding a plate and a glass of champagne), but cookies or candy aren’t quite festive enough. Enter Milk Bar’s Chocolate B’day Cake Truffles.

Milk Bar’s legendary birthday cake truffles feature a gooey chocolate cake core, dusted with a light cocoa shell, all wrapped in rainbow sprinkles. Their richness makes them ideal for a one or two-bite snack, leaving your hands free to cheers with your friends.

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3. DIY Ice Cream Sammie Party

Holiday Inspiration: 4th of July cookout

Flavor Profile: Like a fully loaded ice cream sundae with allllll the toppings.

Close your eyes and picture your childhood self eating an ice cream sandwich al fresco on the hottest day of the year. Fireworks are going off in front of your eyes, but the real fireworks are happening in your mouth. With the DIY Ice Cream Sammie Party, you can make that dream a reality.

Milk Bar’s IRL bakeries are known for their jam-packed, warm cookies and their out-of-this-world soft-serve flavors—and this quintessentially summery ice cream sandwich kit combines the best of both worlds. With a dozen cookies and four ice cream flavors, the only thing that would make the party any better is sprinkles…oh wait, those are included too.

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2. Milk Bar Pie

Holiday Match: Post-thanksgiving TV comatose.

Flavor profile: Rich, sweet and salty. Great for lovers of pecan pie, caramel cake or gooey butter pie. 

If you like gooey fillings and crumbly oat-cookie crusts, you need to try the Milk Bar Pie. It’s no surprise that this is the original treat that made Milk Bar famous—this pie is as simple as it is addictive, and that’s because it’s made primarily of two ingredients: butter and sugar. 

We cannot stress enough how addictive this pie is. In fact, it was originally called the “crack pie” due to how often people came back for seconds. It’s gooey, salty, and sweet, with a crumbly crust that leaves you eagerly awaiting the next bite. 

The Milk Bar Pie is perfect for that post-thanksgiving TV movie-watching sesh when no one can move and swears they’re too full of food to have another bite (but maybe can fit in just another little slice of something sweet, or two, or three).

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1. The Original Birthday Cake

Holiday Match: Kid’s birthday party (but for adults).

Flavor Profile: Classic vanilla funfetti cake meets sweet vanilla buttercream perfection.

Three layers of moist vanilla cake. Three layers of vanilla buttercream frosting. A bucket of funfetti sprinkles and birthday cake crumbs. Meet Milk Bar’s iconic Birthday Cake, whose open-sided, rainbow-sprinkled layers have likely made you drool while scrolling your Instagram feed. It’s simple, yet fantastic—the treat you give your friend on their 30th birthday so they remember their inner kid. 

While the funfetti cake is a perfect balance of moist and light, the real star of the show is the to-die-for frosting. Honestly, we’d eat a whole bowl of the stuff… The Birthday Cake is the magnum opus of Milk Bar’s head chef Christina Tosi, and it’s pretty easy to tell why.

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It’s Time to Treat Yourself

These are five of our favorite crowd-pleasing holiday desserts, but it’s truly impossible to go wrong with any one of Milk Bar’s products.

If you’re having a tough time deciding what to try first, check out the Milk Bar Sampler, The Sweet Spot, or the Gift Giver’s Set. You can thank us later!

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