We’re Convinced This 300 Million Year Old Superfood Is Actually the Elixir of Life: We Haven’t Felt This Good in Years

We’re not saying that ARMRA Colostrum has tapped into the fountain of youth, but we’re not saying that they haven’t.

We’re Convinced This 300 Million Year Old Superfood Is Actually the Elixir of Life: We Haven’t Felt This Good in Years

We Know We’re Going to Regret Telling You About This

…because ARMRA Colostrum’s Immune Revival colostrum powder already keeps selling out. But the whole-body benefits our team has experienced from taking it are quite literally so unbelievable, we feel like it would be wrong for us not to spill the tea on the product that’s made us feel more energetic and healthy than we have in a long time.

After finding out about the brand on 5x Ironman (and absolute beast) Eric Hinman’s Instagram, our entire office got hooked on the stuff—and we keep discovering new benefits from taking it every day. From laser-focused, coffee-free mornings and crushed workout PRs to digestive pain relief and clear, bouncy-looking skin, we don’t think there’s anything ARMRA Colostrum can’t help with…including slowing down the effects of time.

Don’t believe us? Take it from Brian and FP:

So…What Is It?

Great question. ARMRA Colostrum was developed by Dr. Sarah Rahal MD, who—after seeing an increase in chronic illnesses in her patients as a result of modern day environmental factors like pollutants, toxins, and processed foods—sought a more holistic solution: colostrum.

An unrivaled nutrient powerhouse packed with 400+ essential nutrients, colostrum is the milk produced by any mammal in the first 2-3 days after birth and has been an essential part of infant development for 300 million years. In Ayurvedic practices, bovine colostrum (from cows) has also been consumed for its health benefits for thousands of years. And in recent decades, colostrum’s positive whole–body benefits have been backed by more than 5,000 research publications

ARMRA Colostrum’s pure, potent colostrum concentrate is the ultimate multitasker. It works for people of any age, has no known side effects, and the impacts create a ripple effect of positive outcomes in the body. With consistent use, it simultaneously:

  1. Fortifies your immune barrier and combats inflammation by rebuilding your microbiome
  2. Equips your body with all of the nutrients it needs to defend itself against modern environmental stressors
  3. Works to boost your metabolism and reverse the effects of cellular aging

ARMRA Colostrum’s website has a lot of very impressive science-y language on it, but the long and short of it is: this stuff helps your body be the strongest it can be.

There are countless reasons why we’re impressed with ARMRA Colostrum, but these are our top five:

1. 1 Ingredient and 1,000+ Benefits for Less Than $1

The benefits of ARMRA Colostrum are too numerous to count. Rapid hair growth and regrowth. Strengthened immunity. Improved focus and mood. Fortified gut health. Restored sleep. Enhanced skin radiance. Increased energy. Boosted metabolism. Optimized athletic performance and recovery…and that’s just the highlight reel.

Unlike supplements that are packed full of a bunch of buzz-wordy ingredients that don’t do anything, ARMRA Colostrum is made from a single whole-food ingredient that contains over 400 bioactives like antioxidants, prebiotics, growth factors, antibodies, and regenerative peptides. These nutrients do the work of a medicine cabinet full of pills, powders, tinctures, probiotics, collagen, and vitamins—and the best part? Pricing starts at 91 cents per serving. 

2. Absolutely Delicious & Easy to Use 

There are a few different options available on ARMRA Colostrum’s website. Choose between the Immune Revival Stick Packs, which comes with 30 single-serving powder packets perfect for taking on the go, or the Immune Revival Bulk Jar (their best-selling product), a large-format tub which contains 120 servings. Many people take 2-4 servings daily, though there’s no real limit to the amount you can take.

As for the flavors, ARMRA Colostrum currently has three options available: Unflavored, Blood Orange, and Vine Watermelon. While the fruit flavors are subtle, fresh-tasting, and not too sweet, the unflavored option tastes like cream—they’re all delicious and effortless to incorporate into your day. Just mix into a glass of cold liquid,* or you can “straight shoot” it directly onto your tongue for maximum benefits. 

*Editor’s note: avoid mixing with hot liquids to maintain ingredient potency

3. Clean, Potent, & Responsibly Sourced

When ARMRA Colostrum set out on a mission to reinvent foundational health from the inside out, they knew they needed to source the best quality colostrum for the best results. That’s why they only work with family-owned, antibiotic and hormone-free dairy farms in the USA, sourcing the excess colostrum that would otherwise go to waste after the baby cows have had their fill. 

The other big ingredient in ARMRA Colostrum’s secret sauce is their proprietary “Cold-Chain BioPotent Technology,” a low-heat pasteurization method which removes the stuff your body doesn’t need like casein and fat, while concentrating the bioactive nutrients into their most pure and bioavailable forms. This ensures maximum potency and maximal health benefits.

The final product is clean and pure, with no sugar, no gluten, no soy, no GMOs, no fillers, artificial additives, or ingredients you can’t pronounce (and certainly shouldn’t eat).

4. Physician-Developed & Clinically-Backed

Dr. Sarah Rahal MD is an expert in functional medicine and environmental health. Before founding ARMRA Colostrum, she spent most of her career as a pediatric neurologist specializing in headache and facial pain in children running a busy practice in New York. When developing the Immune Revival powder, Dr. Rahal went straight to the science, ensuring ultimate transparency through rigorous research and testing.

Here are just a few stats that blew our mind: 

  • In clinical trials, bovine colostrum was found to be 3X more effective than the flu vaccine at preventing the flu in clinical trials. And in clinical research, ARMRA Colostrum triggered rapid anti-bacterial immune defense in under 2 hours, faster and 32% stronger than other colostrum products.
  • 3rd party research showed that ARMRA Colostrum improved the longevity of cells and protection against inflammation by 17% in gut cells and 22% in immune cells.

5. The Customer Reviews Are Insane

Data is cool and all, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll know that the customers are the real authorities on the product. Our whole office can’t shut up about the benefits we’ve seen from taking Immune Revival, but the brand also has 3,500+ customer testimonials from people who’ve experienced transformative results from taking ARMRA Colostrum.

One customer called it ‘the elixir of life’, and raved about feeling ‘the best they have felt in years’. Another called it a ‘must for allergy season’ and ‘exceptional at regulating your gut’. Many users say they also experienced a noticeable improvement in their skin, and well as thicker, stronger hair and hair growth. We doubledogdare you to read through a dozen customer reviews on ARMRA Colostrum’s website and not be convinced of its effectiveness.

We’d Go So Far As to Call ARMRA Colostrum the Fountain of Youth

As we mentioned before, we were hesitant to spread the good word about ARMRA Colostrum because they keep selling out. However, we just can’t gate-keep a product that has so many healing and rejuvenating benefits.

ARMRA Colostrum truly is a superfood—one that protects, rebuilds, and strengthens the body’s immune barriers, turning back the clock on your body. And for as low as 91 cents a serving, we’d say that’s a damn good deal.

We could preach all day about ARMRA Colostrum’s Immune Revival has transformed our lives, but the best way to discover the benefits of the 300 million year old superfood is to try it for yourself (before it sells out again).

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