Things Just Got Edgy at Caraway, and We Can’t Get Enough.  Meet Their New Drop: Squareware.

Square cooking just got real.

Things Just Got Edgy at Caraway, and We Can’t Get Enough.  Meet Their New Drop: Squareware.

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If You’re Not There, You’re Square (But That’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing)

Caraway, Caraway, Caraway…you’ve done it again. 

Since they launched in 2019, Caraway has been our go-to for non-stick cookware. Their 15x sold out ceramic-coated Cookware Set made us fall in love, but it was their continuous releases that kept us coming back. From the Bakeware Set to their recently-launched Prep Set, Caraway has continuously raised the bar for non-toxic kitchenware, providing us with luxurious products that look as good as they cook

And their new Squareware Set is no exception. This elegant square-shaped cookware set boasts a polished and refined aesthetic, offers an exceptional cooking experience, and includes additional perks such as magnetic storage separators. While most cookware tends to prioritize either style or functionality, Caraway’s products excel in both. Once again, Caraway wins (and so do we). 

The Squareware Collection Is All About the Angles

So, here’s the low down. The Squareware Set ($495) comes with 4 non-stick square pans for your grilling, roasting, and frying pleasure: 

16×13” Roasting Pan

A Roasting Pan is like the trusty workhorse of your kitchen. It’s designed to make roasting large cuts of meat, like succulent turkeys or juicy roasts, a breeze. With its spacious, shallow design, it ensures even cooking by allowing hot air to circulate around your meat, creating that perfect, mouth-watering roast.

The raised rack inside lets excess fats and juices drip down, giving you flavorful drippings for rich gravies and sauces. This one comes with sturdy, ergonomic handles for easy maneuvering, making it a must-have for holiday feasts and special occasions.

19×12” Double Burner Griddle

Double Burner Griddles are prized for their large cooking surface and versatility, making them ideal for preparing multiple servings or a variety of foods at once. Their even heating and efficient design save time and energy, while their non-stick surfaces require less oil, promoting healthier cooking.

Whether for breakfast feasts or outdoor grilling, double burner griddles are a valuable kitchen tool that simplifies cooking and cleanup.

11” Square Grill Pan

Imagine a Square Grill Pan as your culinary superhero. With its unique shape, it’s like having four corners of grilling greatness, giving you plenty of space to cook up a delicious storm. Those groovy grill ridges not only leave all the right marks on your food but also help say goodbye to excess fats, making your meals healthier.

And the even heat distribution? Well, that’s the secret sauce for achieving sizzling sears on your meats and infusing your dishes with that irresistible smoky charm. So, whether you’re a grilling guru or a weekend warrior, this square grill pan is your sidekick for flavor-packed adventures in the kitchen.

11” Square Griddle Pan

A Square Griddle Pan is like a versatile multitool for your kitchen. With its generous flat surface and square shape, it’s perfect for flipping pancakes, frying eggs, sizzling bacon, or even toasting up sandwiches.

The even heat distribution ensures your food cooks uniformly, and the spacious design means you can cook up a hearty breakfast for the whole family in one go. Plus, its non-stick surface makes cleanup a breeze, and you’ll be enjoying delicious, evenly cooked meals with ease. 

Serving Caraway Realness (and Delicious Meals), Fair and Square

These wouldn’t be Caraway products without the iconic Caraway features.

All pans, including the Roasting Pan, have a magnetized stainless steel base plate that can be used with induction stovetops; they’re also oven safe up to 550ºF. The expanded cooking surface area (and thoughtful details like higher walls to prevent spills and uniquely designed ridges on the Grill Pan) allows for more versatility in the kitchen. Rest assured, you can now roast, grill, and sear your heart away… Caraway style. 

Your health and safety is Caraway’s top priority, and that’s why they ensure that none of their products contain toxic chemicals that could leach into your food. The Squareware Set is free of PTFE (a.k.a. Teflon), heavy metals, hard anodization, and PFOA & PFAs, ensuring that each pan is non-toxic

The Squareware Set is also equipped with Caraway’s signature non-stick ceramic coating for easy cleanup, and complimentary magnetic storage organizers that ensure you will never see your kitchen cluttered again. 

And, of course, we can’t forget about Caraway’s gorgeous colorways. Just like the beloved Cookware Set, the Squareware Set comes in a range of colors that will be sure to impress your guests and make you love the way your kitchenware looks. You can grab this set in Cream, Navy, Gray, Marigold, Sage, Perracotta, Black Iconics, and White Iconics (we know, how could you possibly choose just one?!). 

Square Cooking Got a Makeover, But This Set Won’t Last Forever

If this collection is anything like Caraway’s others, it’ll be sold out in five minutes. We don’t say that to scare you, but if you think this will be a great addition to your kitchen lineup, you should act fast (or spend the next few months impatiently waiting for them to be back in stock, if that’s what you’re into). 

Whether you’re a Caraway newbie or you’re looking for the perfect complement to your existing Cookware and Prep Set, the Squareware Set is about to change your life. 

Square up your kitchen game with Caraway’s latest Squareware Set and embrace your new era of culinary excellence. 

The Squareware Set

Our favorite non-stick, non-toxic cookware, squared-up.

Get Yours Before They Sell Out