You Need to Get an Air Fryer ASAP. Here’s Why.

You Need to Get an Air Fryer ASAP. Here’s Why.

First there was the Slap Chop, then the NutriBullet, then the InstaPot, and now, the Air Fryer. As a millennial, I’ve been duped into buying my fair share of cooking appliances that do nothing but take up space on my countertop, but there’s something different about the Air Fryer. 

It might be that Tik Tok has infiltrated every aspect of my life so I’m constantly being bombarded with insane new air fryer hacks, or it might be that I finally started budgeting and realized that I need to stop spending so much money on delivery… But either way, I don’t think a day has gone by since I bought this heaven-sent device that I haven’t used it. 

A quick browse through Pinterest will bombard you with more recipes than you could ever dream of trying, but here are a few of my personal favorites. If these don’t convince you to go out and buy an air fryer right now, I don’t think I can trust you. 

Pasta Chips

Image Credit: Feel Good Foodie

Perhaps the most Tik-Tok famous recipe I’ve ever seen, pasta chips are a completely revolutionary way of shoveling carbs into your mouth with your hands. Plus, they’re infinitely customizable and absolutely addictive. 

Cauliflower Tots

Image Credit: Delish

One of my favorite things about the air fryer is that it’s a hack to make everything crispy and delicious, which is a cheat code for people who don’t love vegetables but want to make positive changes to their diet. Enter: these golden brown and delicious cauli-tots

Fried Pickles

Image Credit: Taste of Home

Once an indulgent bar snack reserved only for Monday Night Football, fried pickles are now a permanent part of my weekly rotation. Simultaneously sour, briny, crispy, and light, I can’t imagine life before I ate these on the reg. 

Breakfast Egg Rolls

Image Credit: Taste of Home

The air fryer has helped me reimagine what breakfast looks like. Think bacon egg and cheese tacos, but infinitely crispier and more portable. When I’m pressed for time but still want a satisfying meal for breakfast, this recipe for breakfast egg rolls is what I’m reaching for. 

Fried Babybel Cheese

Image Credit: Salty Side Dish

Babybel cheese is one of those things that everyone loves but nobody likes admitting they love. However, I don’t think anyone will have trouble admitting that this recipe looks fire. Breaded, air-fried cheese. That’s all I need to say.

There’s a reason that the air fryer has gained so much notoriety over the last year. The magical appliance makes good foods taste phenomenal, and it’s certainly helped me curb my habit of ordering out. Now clean the drool off of your keyboard and get yourself an air fryer ASAP!