Swap Out Your Favorite Treats With These Not-So-Sweet Alternatives

Swap Out Your Favorite Treats With These Not-So-Sweet Alternatives

By now, we all know that sugar wreaks havoc on our bodies. It’s disguised under myriad names on nutrition labels, like sucrose, cane juice, dextrose, and maltodextrin — but no matter what it’s called, it’s still sugar, and can negatively impact your health. 

That said, it’s incredibly addictive  and it’s hidden in almost everything we eat. Pastries, cereal, bread, sugary drinks, and even savory foods like tomato sauce are often packed full of sugar, not to mention the obvious sugar-bomb: candy. Luckily, there are a bunch of brands who are making not-so-sweet alternatives that taste just as delicious, but without all of the sugar. 

Here are a few of the Kitchen Critic team’s favorite sweet treats:

Smart Sweets

Image Credit: Smart Sweets

On the homepage of their website, Smart Sweets boasts that their product line contains up to 92% less sugar than traditional candy brands. Sounds like they would suck, right? Absolutely wrong. This female-founded brand did what we thought was impossible, offering a range of gummy treats like “sweet fish,” peach rings, and gummy worms that don’t contain artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, or added sugars that somehow still taste just as delicious as their sugar-packed counterparts. 


Image Credit: Unreal

The name says it all — this brand recreates classic chocolate candies, but with significantly less sugar, no corn syrup, and no sugar alcohols. Think crave-worthy chocolate-covered coconut bars, chemical dye-free M&Ms, and classic peanut butter cups made without artificial ingredients. A number of Unreal’s products are vegan-friendly, and all of them are non-GMO. All of them are certified delicious!

Choc Zero

Image Credit: Choc Zero

Hershey’s who? Whether we’re craving chocolate bark, peanut butter cups, chocolate chips, or chocolate syrup, Choc Zero’s got our back. Not only are their products all-natural, non-GMO, and completely sugar-free, but the majority are also keto-friendly and taste decadent and delicious. The secret ingredient is monk fruit, a natural sweetener that won’t spike your blood sugar or leave you with a sugar crash.


Image Credit: Behave

This trendy candy brand specializes in one thing and one thing only: gummy bears, both in sweet and sour varieties. Behave set out to perfect the art of the better-for-you gummy bear, and we were not disappointed. Each bag is made with just 1 gram (!!!) of sugar, contains only 80 calories, and 4 net carbs, making it a keto-friendly treat. That’s not even the most exciting part though—they went above and beyond in the flavor department, with lychee, raspberry, and passionfruit in every bag. 


Image Credit: Gigantic

A quick glimpse at Gigantic’s website will reveal that they’re not playing around when it comes to being bold. This plant-based candy bar brand keeps it simple with four indulgent, caramel-filled offerings blanketed in fairtrade dark chocolate. Made with about 70% less sugar than comparable candy bars, Gigantic uses natural ingredients to flavor their unique treats. Offerings range from Almond Horchata to Banana Pecan and taste like childhood nostalgia.